E-mail set up for Windows Live Mail 2002

  1. Select the Accounts ribbon. Click the Email button above New Account.
    Quick Views Windows Live window with Accounts tab selected
  2. Fill out the boxes as appropriate. Check Manually configure server settings. Click Next.
    Windows Live Mail Add Your Email Accounts window
  3. The logon user name should be your full email address. Everything else should be EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS BELOW


    Server type: IMAP,
    Server Address: mail.ricebelt.net,
    check Requires a secure connection,
    Authenticate using: Clear text,
    logon user name: your Ricebelt e-mail address,
    Outgoing server address: mail.ricebelt.net,
    check Required a secure connection and Required authentication


    Then click Next.
    Windows Live Mail Configure Server Settings window

  4. Click on the account on the left side. Then click the Properties button.
    Windows Live Mail Inbox window with Accounts tab selected
  5. On the IMAP tab, change the Special folders to look like the image below. This will enable Trash and Sent on the server.


    Check for all messages in all folders should be checked,
    Store special folders in IMAP server should be checked,
    Sent items path: INBOX.Sent,
    Drafts path: INBOX.Drafts,
    Deleted items path: INBOX.Trash,
    Junk path: INBOX.Spam.
    Windows Live Mail Properties window with IMAP tab selected