Rice Belt Telephone Net Neutrality Statement

Rice Belt Telephone is committed to providing high-quality Internet access services and is committed to being a responsible member of the Internet Community, including adhering to the “net neutrality” rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Network Management

Rice Belt Telephone’s data network is designed to provide its broadband customers with highly reliable Internet access and data transmission services. Although bandwidth within the core network is not dedicated to individual customers, the capacity is managed to provide sufficient peak bandwidth for the aggregate data traffic. Because our network design and build strategy is aimed at avoiding blockages, it is unnecessary to have data traffic management policies for those rare instances when peak utilization exceeds capacity.

It is important to note that Rice Belt Telephone has several peering partners. While data transmission over the network is rarely subject to blocking, that is not necessarily true for the networks with which Rice Belt Telephone interconnects. Consequently, customers may experience blockage due to the network serving the destination or origin of their traffic or because an intermediate carrier’s network is congested. When customers report these service issues, Rice Belt Telephone investigates to determine if the problem is inside or outside of the core network.

No policing or traffic shaping have been implemented for broadband customers. Ports are only blocked on an as-needed basis to deal with imminent virus or security threats and are designed to be as targeted as possible.

Rice Belt Telephone does have a network inspection system. Traffic information is used to examine the types of applications being used in aggregate by broadband customers and to provide Technical Support with additional information to assist customers with network problems. This information is stored with a specialized network inspection device and is not provided to any third parties.

Network Devices

There are no limitations on devices that can be used on the network as long as they are Ethernet-based and adhere to the open protocols used to acquire an IP address. Any security for customer devices is their responsibility, and no centralized network security is in place except in unusual circumstances when a threat is sudden, severe, potentially damaging to the majority of customers, capable of being prevented by network management in the network.

Internet Access Services

Broadband services are provided using ADSL2+ and VDSL technologies.

ADSL2+ and VDSL are ITU (International Telecommunication Union) standards. The data-rate of ADSL2+ and VDSL depends on the length and technical characteristics of the line (e.g., gauge of wire, presence of bridge taps, and other such features that affect the line characteristics) connecting the end-user to Rice Belt Telephone’s network serving office. ADSL2+ and VDSL services purchased as part of a bundle may include an “up to” speed even though the actual speed might need to be set lower based on the capabilities of the outside plant. However, customers are made aware of their actual configured rate. For DSL customers, the expected speed from the customer to the edge of Rice Belt Telephone’s network should be the same as the purchased speed and latency should be reliably suitable for real-time applications at any time of the day.

Rice Belt Telephone’s Acceptable Use Policy document can be found in the legal section of the website:

Redress Options

For questions or concerns regarding Net Neutrality at Rice Belt Telephone, please contact:

Chief Technology Officer, Smithville HQ (812) 876-2211