E-mail set up for Mac Mail on OS X Lion

  1. This is the new account setting when you first set up Mac Mail. Fill in the boxes and click Continue.
    new account window showing fields to enter your name, ricebelt email address, and password
  2. Fill in the boxes as appropriate. The username should be your full email address. Click Continue to move on.
    Incoming Mail window showing Account Type set to IMAP, Description as optional and Incoming mail server to mail.ricebelt.net
  3. Fill out the boxes and make sure Use Authentication is checked, then click Continue.
    Outgoing Mail window showing description as optional, Outgoing Mail Server as mail.ricebelt.net, use only this server is checked and Use Authentication is checked
  4. Finally, click the Create button to finish the setup.
    Account Summary window with Take account online checked
  5. To fix the Sent and Trash folders, you need to highlight the folder on the mailbox pane, select the mailbox menu, and go to Use This Mailbox For and select the appropriate location.
    mail window showing top toolbar with Mailbox selected and the sub-item Use This Mailbox For highlighted and its sub menu item Sent selected