High Risk and International Call Blocking Explained

What is the process of International Call Blocking used by Rice Belt?

By default, all calls to foreign countries are blocked. For most countries, you can remove this block at any time by dialing *353. If you wish to enable international call blocking, you may do so at any time by dialing *343.

If the country you wish to call is a high-risk call destination, you will need to contact Rice Belt to disable high-risk call blocking.

What is the process of high-risk call blocking used by Rice Belt?

A “high risk call” is a phone call to an international destination that is known to be frequently used for phone fraud. To protect you from fraudulent phone activity, any phone related service is blocked from making high risk calls to certain international destinations by default.

What happens when I try to make a high-risk call?

If you attempt to place a call to one of the destinations listed below, you will receive a recorded announcement which says “The carrier access code you dialed is not valid from this line.”

How can I make calls to high risk countries?

You will need to call Customer Service at (870) 684-2288 and request to remove the high-risk call block. Please note, if you have multiple lines or accounts you will need to specify the lines from which you wish to remove the high-risk call block. Once your identity has been verified over the phone we will send a liability waiver for you to sign. Once we receive the signed waiver, we will remove this feature from your account. The change will take effect within 2 business days, and then you will be able to make calls to all international locations.

What are the high-risk call destinations?

The current list of high risk call destination countries is:

Region Country Code
Africa Algeria 213
Africa Ascension Island 247
Africa Benin 229
Africa Burkina Faso 226
Africa Burundi 257
Africa Cameroon 237
Africa Cape Verde 238
Africa Central African Republic 236
Africa Chad 235
Africa Comoros 269
Africa Ivory Coast 225
Africa Democratic Republic of Congo 243
Africa Djibouti 253
Africa Equatorial Guinea 240
Africa Eritrea 291
Africa Ethiopia 251
Africa Gabon 241
Africa Gambia 220
Africa Ghana 223
Africa Guinea 224
Africa Guinea-Bissau 245
Africa Liberia 231
Africa Libya 218
Africa Madagascar 261
Africa Malawi 265
Africa Mauritania 222
Africa Morocco 212
Africa Mozambique 258
Africa Namibia 264
Africa Niger 227
Africa Nigeria 234
Africa Reunion Island 262
Africa Saint Helena 290
Africa Sao Tome & Principe 239
Africa Senegal 221
Africa Seychelles 248
Africa Sierra Leone 232
Africa Somalia 252
Africa South Sudan 211
Africa Sudan 249
Africa Swaziland 268
Africa Togo 228
Africa Tunisia 216
Africa Uganda 256
Africa Zambia 260
Africa Zimbabwe 263
Asian Pacific Brunei 673
Asian Pacific Cambodia 855
Asian Pacific Cook Islands 682
Asian Pacific Diego Garcia 246
Asian Pacific East Timor 670
Asian Pacific Fiji 679
Asian Pacific French Polynesia 689
Asian Pacific Kiribati 686
Asian Pacific Korea 82
Asian Pacific Laos 856
Asian Pacific Malaysia 60
Asian Pacific Maldives 960
Asian Pacific Marshall Islands 692
Asian Pacific Myanmar 95
Asian Pacific Nauru 674
Asian Pacific Nepal 977
Asian Pacific Niue 683
Asian Pacific Norfolk Island 672
Asian Pacific North Korea 850
Asian Pacific Palau 680
Asian Pacific Papua New Guinea 675
Asian Pacific Philippines 63
Asian Pacific Samoa 685
Asian Pacific Solomon Islands 677
Asian Pacific Sri Lanka 94
Asian Pacific Tonga Islands 676
Asian Pacific Tuvalu 688
Asian Pacific Vanuatu 678
Asian Pacific Vietnam 84
Asian Pacific Wallis & Fortuna 681
Caribbean and Latin America Chile 56
Caribbean and Latin America Colombia 57
Caribbean and Latin America Cuba 53
Caribbean and Latin America Ecuador 593
Caribbean and Latin America El Salvador 503
Caribbean and Latin America Guatemala 502
Caribbean and Latin America Guyana 592
Caribbean and Latin America Haiti 509
Caribbean and Latin America Honduras 504
Caribbean and Latin America Jamaica 1876
Caribbean and Latin America Nicaragua 505
Caribbean and Latin America Peru 51
Europe Albania 355
Europe Andorra 376
Europe Azerbaijan 994
Europe Belarus 375
Europe Bosnia & Herzegovina 387
Europe Bulgaria 359
Europe Cyprus 357
Europe Estonia 372
Europe Falkland Islands 500
Europe Kyrgyzstan 996
Europe Latvia 371
Europe Liechtenstein 423
Europe Lithuania 370
Europe Macedonia 389
Europe Moldova 373
Europe Monaco 377
Europe Montenegro 382
Europe Poland 48
Europe Romania 40
Europe Saint Pierre & Miquelon 508
Europe San Marino 378
Europe Serbia 381
Europe Slovenia 386
Europe Ukraine 380
Europe Uzbekistan 998
Middle East Afghanistan 93
Middle East Lebanon 961
Middle East Oman 968
Middle East Palestine 970
Middle East Qatar 974
Middle East Yemen 967
Others Inmarsat 870
Others Iridium (International Network) 882
Others Iridium (International Network) 883
Others Iridium (International Network) 881
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